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Welcome to my website which is dedicated to giving you all the information you need about books and book printing. We work with many different digital printing companies around Exeter to give you the best information on book printing. If you need any assistance around getting your digital information printed then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

So what is digital printing?

Digital printing is a printing method design to print using dry toner through a digital machine. This dry toner is applied to your paper or other material with heat. The heat transfers the toner onto the material. Traditional printing methods would use an ink to go onto the paper. Digital printing is not only much more affordable but it is also a lot quicker to get your projected completed.

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With digital printing we print books and booklets and other digital printing products. We will be venturing into other areas such as banners, flyers and leaflets when we upgrade. We have found that book printing – paperback books and hardback books – is where are speciality lies. We are able to turnaround books at an amazing rate. We are also a cheap book printer but the quality does not suffer.

Digital Printing vs Offset

Getting your book printed digitally can be a great money saver compared to offset printing. Digital printing requires minimal setup compared to offset and so you can get your books printed in shorter run lengths and not pay a lot for the setup charge. Offset printing requires you to have a large number of copies in order to get a unit cost for your book which is affordable.

Digital printing book printing services for your book can be anywhere from 25 copies to get a good printing rate. Whereas with offset printing you might be looking at a run length of 500 copies. For the self published author this is a lot of money. Not many self-publishing authors will have this amount of money to invest in a quality printing run. Therefore digital printing is a smart way to go for many authors that are looking to get their book printed.

Book Printing

Choosing a digital printing company can be difficult with all of the companies in the market. We regularly use a company called Barefoot Digital for printing all our books. We have worked with Imprint a number of times and they provide all our book printing.

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