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Big News!!!

Today I have the honor of bringing you 
some very exciting news!

Drum roll please.........

Authors L Chapman and T.L. Messruther 
will be co-authoring a book together!

They are currently working on the 1st book in their Everlasting Hope series

If you remember, a little while ago I was part of the Confused By Love Blog Tour where T.L. Messruther was the featured author. Confused by Love was freaking amazing, so I seriously cannot wait to see the collaborative work these two wonderful authors come up with!  

Snippet from book 1 of the Everlasting hope series (Unedited)

“Nurse Bellamy, can you please got to emergency room, there is a 55 year old man expected, with injuries to his leg, not sure if he has been knocked unconscious as yet.”

 “Not a problem Sister Rogers “I answer, walking down the short corridor of the saint Destiny Hospital. I have been working here will I have been doing my nurse training. I am due to finish in the next couple of weeks. We have our final interviews next week to see if we get a job here. I am hoping to I love been in the emergency side. I love the speed, the fact you never really know what is coming through the door next. I have always wanted to be a nurse, I want to be able to help people. I find it such a fascinating job, full of surprises.

 I get myself all set in the emergency room, making sure all the basics are out ready. I am very lucky my mentor Brand is on shift today, he always makes me laugh. I love having a gay mentor, it’s so funny. He is one of those men you can get on with no matter what. This emergency room is not like all the others I have visited it is not all white, they have cream walls instead.

 “Here we have Patrick Clarkson, 55, he was trapped under a car while working alone in his garage. Patrick was alone at the time, found about 10 minutes after the accident by a customer. He does not remember blacking out. He has had 10 of morphine. His bp is 190 over 120. He appears to have only injury’s to his leg, no other pains at time. On my count let’s slide him over.” We all take part of the sheet

“1, 2, 3 slide” The paramedic says in a confident way. I did consider become a paramedic, some of the stories I had heard scared me.

Dr Knox is on shift in the emergency room, he is such a confident man, and He is about 40, with brown hair, brown eyes. He has been working her for the past 5 years.

“Katy, can you order me an x-ray please” He asks in such a calm manner

“Off course. “ I reply walking over to the phone. Making the call.

I walk back over to the patient. The think when you are in the emergency room, there is at least 3 nurses and a DR. so not always something for us all to do. Mr Clarkson does not appear to be in much pain, the pain medication must be working.

“Katy, do you want to do up with Mr Clarkson and Brand to X-ray. Let me know when you are back.” He says winking at me. We have to go up as two nurse’s in case the patient crashes, I can’t see him crashing his vitals are quiet stable.

“Come on Mr Clarkson, we will get you up to x-ray then hopefully be able to take this collar from your neck off.”

“Please call be Patrick.”

“Patrick, I am Katy.”

“Thank you Katy.”

“Right we are just going to do into the lift up to the second floor for an x-ray.” Patrick nods at me, he must be in a bit of pain. His leg is in a mess, thankfully he has an ice pack support around it. He has for sure broken it. There is a bone sticking out of it. Patrick does not look his age at all he has brown hair with a few grey hairs and blue eyes. He seems a very smiley person that might just be the pain relief. No wedding ring, I have only noticed as he would off needed to take it off for his x-rays.
“Here we are. I will leave you in the hand of Aidan and Cohen, two of the best X-ray staff we have here. I am just going to be stood over there while you have it. “Pointing over to the x-ray safety both.

Everlasting hope series
L Chapman & TL Messruther

Meet Author L Chapman

Interests - I have lots of interests, I love to read, write, listen to music. I am very arty. I love to make things, I am always coming up with things to make. 

Writing style- I currently am write Romance- I am working on a more erotic project, I also write adult romance. I have wrote children's books in the past.

Influences -I have to say before I meet the crazy, loveable JB McGee, I would never of had the guts to write as an adult (I have done it in the past), and let people read them. She is a huge inspiration. Great friend.  There has been a lot of author's I have meet since that has influenced furture plans. Crystal Spears, JL Mac, Katie Ashley just to name a few.
Currently working on-Book 2 in the believe series. Other projects which will come to light in time.

Trust (Book 1 of the Believe series)

Lovely Megan Madden has lost her faith in men. But this has not kept her from the joy of her best friend's up coming wedding. While in London shopping for the big event, Megan's life takes a surprising turn when a quick drink brings changes to her life she never saw coming. Join in the roller coaster of emotions Megan must endure as she attempts to regain her TRUST.

Who knew a quiet drink could change your life?

Meet Author T L Messruther

T.L. Messruther was born in 1991 in Hull, United Kingdom. She moved to Scarborough, United Kingdom at just weeks old where she was raised. She attended school until 2005, when at just age 15 she fell pregnant with her son, who was born in 2006. Once pregnant, she chose to move back to her birth place to raise her son. In 2009, she gave birth to her daughter. While raising her children, reading became one of her passions.
In 2012, she met a lady who was just on her journey of becoming a self published author. She gave her the courage to pursue her own dream to write her own book, thus relighting her passion for writing. T.L. is currently in the process of writing her debut novel in the trilogy, which will be the first book of the Love, Lies and Hurt Trilogy. It is expected to be released in 2013.
T.L. Messruther and her family continue to live in Hull, United Kingdom. She is also in the process of enrolling in a course to become a midwife at her local college.

Izzy was in a car accident, resulting in her quitting her job.Months later is ready to get back in the world of employment. A once in a life time job becomes available. Izzy is offered an interview, where she meets Donte. Donte is the big boss and it's almost love at first sight, Only Donte has a secret and has lots of difficult choices and obstacles for him to face.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Meet Author J.D. Rivera

J.D. Rivera

My name is J.D. Rivera and I am currently writing my first NA novel, that I have titled Trying to Get Over You.  I live in Oklahoma with my husband and two boys.  They keep me busy!  I enjoy the OKC Thunder and University of Oklahoma football.  I go crazy if I don't see the beach at least once a year and I love to travel.

My writing style is kind of crazy.  I have to fit it in anytime that I can, so I take my laptop everywhere including the pick-up line at school.  I work off of a numbered list of what I want each chapter to look like, kind of like a very rough outline.  I like to tell the story and worry about grammar and spelling way later. 

Trying to Get Over You
(Cover Reveal coming soon)

College student Emily Reynolds has been in a three year relationship with Cooper Thomason but one awful night has left their relationship shaken. She soon finds out she is pregnant and Cooper can’t give up his partying ways. Emily leaves Cooper and tries to find a life without him. She soon finds out a life without Cooper is harder than she thinks. Will Emily be able to move on from Cooper and find a relationship with another man or run back to him?

Prologue (unedited & subject to change)

I had just finished my last class for the day and arrived home.  I opened the door and walked to the kitchen to stand beside Cooper. I didn’t think he even noticed me until I heard him ask, “Hey, Josh is having a party tonight.  Do you want to go?”, as he rummaged through the fridge for a snack. 
I placed my school bag on the counter and answered, “Sure, sounds good, but I promised Jen I’d help her study.  You go on ahead and we will be over later.”
He put the makings of a sandwich on the counter and pulled me in for a kiss. “How was your day, Babe?  I missed you.” 
I kissed him back, pulling him into a hug. He kissed the top of my head as I answered, “It was long, but my classes were pretty interesting.  How was your day?” 
He released me and began making his sandwich, “You’re never going to believe what happened to me today. The CEO brought me into his office and offered me a new position.  I’d start after I graduate and the salary would be six figures.” He said with a huge smile.
I stopped unloading my bag and stared at him for a second.  This was amazing news.  I turned and put my hands around his neck and jumped up.  He grabbed the back of my thighs as I wrapped my legs around him and I kissed him deeply, then gave him kisses all over his cheeks. “Cooper, this is amazing news! I am so very proud of you. I knew you would be awesome! Now you can tell your dad that you made the right decision by not going to medical school.” 
“I’m still in shock but it feels great knowing I’m not having to search for a job and I’ll be here during your last year of school.”
I kissed him again and pulled back.  “Well, like I said, I’m proud of you!
At about nine o’clock, Jen and I finally finished studying and headed to Josh’s house.  Josh was a friend of Cooper’s that he met his first year of college. 
As we pulled up, I looked around; cars were everywhere. The house was an older small brick home close to campus. As we started walking up the sidewalk, I saw my brother Chris. “Hey, is Cooper inside?” He grabbed my hand and kept walking in the direction he was walking––away from the house. 
“What are you doing?”  I asked him.  “I’d like to go inside with Cooper.” 
He stopped walking and turned around to face me, “You don’t want to go in there.  I told Cooper to leave.” 
My stomach knotted a little, “What are you talking about? Why would you want him to leave?” 
“Jason showed up with some weed. I know you hate it when he smokes pot, but tonight he’s acting funny.  Maybe it would just be best if you left.  No one wants to see y’all argue.” 
Great. Just great. Instead of celebrating Cooper’s good news together, he was celebrating by getting high. “You’re right. I hate it, but I’ll keep my temper in check.  We can talk about it tomorrow.  Just let me go inside.” 
We walked into the house; people were everywhere.  As I searched the small house for Cooper, I realized I didn’t know anyone here. It was easy to search the small living room; no Cooper in sight.  I made my way through all of the people to search the kitchen, but I still didn’t see him.
I turned around to look in other places of the house as I heard, “Oh, look who it is––Cooper’s nag.” My anger flared but I managed to keep it under control. Jason knew I couldn’t stand him and he was just trying to piss me off. It was working. I decided to not even turn around and kept walking. “She’s not going to like what she finds in the bedroom,” I heard him say behind me. 
My stomach was in knots as I realized I had searched everywhere but the bedrooms and bathrooms. I could feel something like fear creeping into every fiber of my being. I needed to get a handle on this; I knew Cooper wouldn’t cheat on me.  He was in love with me.
As I started to make my way down the hallway, I saw Cooper coming my way.  Since I didn’t know where any of the rooms in this house were located, I had no clue what room he just left.  He gave me a startled look as he said, “Oh, hey, Babe.  I wasn’t expecting you this early.”  The sickening feeling was growing…especially when I looked behind him to see a very beautiful brunette walking behind him.  They looked a little close – like they just left the same room.
“What the hell? I can’t believe you would do this!” I screamed before I realized what had fallen out of my mouth.  How dare he do this to me! 
“What’s wrong? What did I do?” he asked. 
I didn’t answer. I stormed out of the house, walking as fast as I could. I didn’t try to find Jen or my brother. I just kept walking, cutting through alleys and lawns. I intentionally didn’t take the street because I didn’t want Cooper to find me. I needed to calm down before I faced him again. 
I made my way towards campus, knowing that I could walk around the different paths for a while. It wasn’t the safest thing to do, but it seemed better than alleys. I walked around for a couple of hours just to think. I knew I jumped to conclusions, but with what Jason had said while I was walking away, I just reacted.  I’m sure he just said that to get a rise out of me, but I just couldn’t control myself after seeing Cooper with another girl.
I shivered as I realized I only had a small jacket on and the March night was freezing.  I decided I needed to walk back to my apartment. I didn’t see Cooper’s car, so I assumed he must still be at the party. This pissed me off a little bit.  He couldn’t quit partying to come fix things with me? Why would he choose partying over us? I wish I could compete with the parties, but over the last few months, I’ve become less important.
I began to slip the key in the deadbolt when the door flew open. Cooper grabbed me and pulled me inside, “Don’t you dare walk out on me again. Do you understand that? I did nothing wrong and you blew up on me and left for no reason.” He was in my face with the angriest look I had ever seen. 
“You didn’t do anything wrong?  I’ve asked you to quit smoking pot and you won’t.  What room were you coming out of, Cooper?  Because you sure seemed shocked to see me.”  My temper flared back up, but I was keeping a good hold on it.
“What in the hell are you implying? That I was cheating on you?” He grabbed the lamp on the end table beside the couch and chucked it across the room. “I can’t fucking believe this.”
He was starting to scare me. He had never been violent in any way before. I needed to try to calm him down. “Cooper, please calm down. Can’t we just talk about this misunderstanding?”
He walked over to me, backing me up against the wall and then punched the wall as hard as he could, right above my head, causing the wall to break. “Damn it, how can I calm down when you just accused me of cheating?” he said slowly in an icy, angry voice. 
My body was trembling and I didn’t know what to say to calm him down. I’ve never been scared of Cooper before.
Suddenly, my brother, Chris, pushed the front door open.  He was on Cooper’s back in an instant, pulling him off of me. “Don’t you dare touch my sister,” he said as he pushed Cooper to the ground and pinned him down. 
Cooper protested, “I wasn’t going to touch, Em.  I would never hurt her.” 
I didn’t really know what to think at that moment. The rational part of me believed him. He was very angry, destroying other things, but he didn’t do anything to me besides back me into a wall.  The other part of me was scared as hell because this wasn’t the Cooper I knew.  He was acting way out of character for him, even if he was high. 
Chris looked up at me, “are you okay, Em?” 
I nodded my head. “I’m fine.  He didn’t touch me – just yelled at me.  I’ve never seen him like this before.  I’m not really sure what to do or think right now.”
Chris looked back down at Cooper who was still pinned, “his good buddy, Jason, gave him some pot that was laced. Everyone who smoked that shit tonight went crazy. I knew he left mad, so I had to come check on you.” 
Of course, Jason the loser, gave him laced pot. I hated giving Cooper ultimatums, but I had to after tonight. I would sleep at Chris’ apartment tonight to let Cooper sleep it off. Tomorrow, I would let him know that it was pot or me.
I looked down at Cooper, “I love you, Cooper.  We both need to calm down tonight so I’m going to go sleep at Chris’.  I’ll see you in the morning.” 
His eyes still looked a little on the crazy side, but I could see he wasn’t as out of it as he had been earlier.  “Okay.  I’ll see you in the morning.”
The morning couldn’t come quick enough. I slept on Chris’ couch; it may take the title of “World’s Most Uncomfortable Couch”.  Chris was still asleep, so I called a cab to come pick me up to take me home. 
I arrived home a short time later, as I pushed the door open, I saw Cooper rushing towards me. He picked me up, hugging me tightly and put his head in the crook of my neck, “God, Em. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me.  I would never hurt you – please believe me. I would never hurt you.” I felt some wetness sliding down my neck. I knew he was crying, which made me start crying, too.
“I know what happened.  Jason gave you pot that was laced. Whatever it was made you angry. I pissed you off by leaving the party angry. You got home before me, and when I walked in, you threw a lamp at me and punched the wall above my head.” I removed myself from his embrace to look into his eyes. “Cooper, I hate to do this, but I have to put my foot down. It’s me or the parties. No more partying, no more drugs, no more Jason.  I’ll give you one more chance, but if you mess up––I’m done.”
“I’ll give up anything for you. I promise, I will not set foot into another party or smoke pot anymore. I won’t have anything to do with Jason again. The only reason I talk to him now is to score some weed.  I don’t even like the guy. I promise, I’ll do anything you ask.  Please just give me another chance.”

Meet Author Jaime Guerard!

Author Jaime Guerard

My Bio:
Jaime grew up in a small town in Northern California. Having a passion for dance and music, she never would have thought herself to become an author.

In late 2008, Jaime found the pieces of her novel beginning to take form and a story was born. Soon she had a full novel in her hands and a writer was developed. Awaken is Jaime's first published novel. With many features still in the works, this debut novel is just a taste of the action-packed romantic thrillers to come from this aspiring new author.

Jaime now lives in Nevada with her husband and three boys. Loving life, and living a dream.
What I'm currently working on:
I'm currently working on Book 2 in the Awaken Series. Awaken (Book 1) was released on March 31st 2013. 

Three things run through my mind at this very moment…

ONE, my life as I once knew it will never be the same.

TWO, the person I’m in love with might not even exist.

THREE, the deception that has unfolded before me has the power of life and death.

Sixteen year old, Breanna Davis, has heard the saying; life isn’t always what it seems…well, that saying rings true now more than ever. As horrifying visions appear before her, revealing tragedies that will forever change the fate of those she loves, she realizes that she may be the only person who can stop them from becoming reality.

Amongst the chaos of this new discovery, Bre is faced with a stranger, Eve, who moves in on Bre’s friends and begins to follow her every move. As Eve’s true motives begin to surface, Bre must fight against, not only the visions, but the dangers Eve holds close.

There is another secret kept- Collin, a boy held captive in Bre’s dreams, the boy she is secretly falling in love with but isn’t sure he even exists. As she tries to make it work with Austin, an old friend who could possibly be more, Bre battles against her feelings for Collin.

Bre is faced with an almost impossible decision, to choose her life or follow her destiny. If she doesn’t intercede, people will certainly die. If she does, her own life could be at stake. In the end, if she fails, she’ll lose everything.


Austin shut and locked the door while I stood out in the open, chills prickled down my neck. I didn’t move my head, only my eyes searching for anything out of the ordinary. I came up with nothing. The wind picked up a little, sending tiny strands of hair in my face, startling me. In the silence of the night, with only the wind rustling through the trees, my mind was running away from me. I couldn't break away from this fear of the unknown.

Austin put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me in tight. The house was about fifty feet away and the further we got from the truck, the more hurried I became, speeding up, trying to get out of this unprotected forest and into an enclosed building where I hoped to feel a little bit safer. Austin locked me to his side. I would’ve run if I could, but I didn't want to separate myself from him, not out here.

“I don’t see anything,” Austin tried to reassure me.

Then a crack came from our left, making us both jump and stop suddenly. Austin squeezed me tighter.

Breathing heavily, I whispered, “I know you heard that.”

“Yep,” he whispered back. He stood still, frozen like me, either waiting to hear something that would explain it, or for another sound that might send us bolting to the house. The row of cars parked along the driveway made it difficult to see into the forest.

“Do you see anything now?” I asked.

“No,” he whispered.

I looked up into the trees and there they were again, those two white eyes staring down at us.

Meet Author Bethan Cooper!

Meet Author Bethan Cooper!


Bethan Cooper spends her days working 8 hours at a well known restaurant and yawning – a lot.
But her vulnerability behind the uniform is her writing, having being obsessed with writing short stories and song lyrics from her teens, she has finally put pen to paper and started a novel.
She is married to the love of her life who she met when she was 17.
So writing romance is a must, especially lots of kissing and hot guys.
With music as an obsession, especially rock music of all types her iTunes is overflowed with inspiration.

Beth in her own words.

At 12, on family holidays it was then I noticed my love for a story. We often went away on holiday and I'd spend each day buried in a novel. It could of been romance, suspense, horror I enjoyed it all. 
I went on holiday when I was 15 and read 7 books in two weeks.
I went to the hotel library and found any book and read it. 
I even got through the two novels my parents brought. 
This is when I started to write. I wrote more at school, developing short stories into long ones, having after school chats with my english teacher about my work. 
I had notebooks, scrap pieces of paper on with life quotes and love quotes sprawled across the white sheets.
But like anyone, I never thought I was good enough to even start a novel.
I spent my teens reading, going out with friends, finishing school going to college.
I'm not going to lie, I met my husband when I was seventeen. He asked me to marry him when I was eighteen. We got married on my twentieth birthday.
I moved 250 miles away from my family home at eighteen to live with a boy---eep!
I made such a huge decision and left so much behind. Painful at the time, but time is a great healer and it's now 5 years later.
I work full time as does my husband and we spend each and everyday coming home to each other and loving the way we should.
Our love story is an inspiration for my novel.
It is NOT our story but his love for me blossoms through Ella's love for Luke.
I started Never Say Goodbye in 2012, I left it for a long time and came back to it around October 2012.
The story is rubbed off from my own feelings in my own life.
I have vented a lot of myself into the book, a lot of personal issues that I have had to deal with and a lot of others.
I wanted to write a powerful love story that people could really relate to and understand.


When eighteen year old Ella Stone fell into his arms one July morning she encountered a man who was not only beautiful, but the most caring and loving she had ever met.
She is lost in the distance to most and cares about nothing in her life.
The only needs she craves is her best friend Jade and her trusty sky blue Ford Mustang. 
After losing someone who meant more to her than herself, her whole life changed for the worse.
When Luke James lean, beautiful and rich finds a small girl riddled with torment in his arms he can’t help but want to put out that dark light inside of her. 
But when he leaves his high school girlfriend for her, trouble chases them both and the escape tries to break them apart.
On this emotional tormented roller-coaster, we find two people who should of never been introduced, but they are and the inevitable happens, For them both.

This is Book 1 in a 2 book story.

Chapter One.

July 2006.

I stare profoundly at the little white pill in front of me and put it on my tongue. Nope still tastes disgusting. I hold my hands to my throat as I gag slightly at it's acidity. Tumbler, water, NOW. I let the water slide down my throat, mouthful after mouthful to erase the foul taste. At least today I remembered.

I run my hands through my hair deciding on how to put it. 
Not that it matters. Not that anyone cares. 
I frown at myself and decide on a braid. I weave my hair in and out creating a perfect pattern. I stare sadly in the mirror at the girl looking back at me. My black hoody and tight denim jeans do not show who I am. They hide me. My chestnut brown hair matches my pale grey blue eyes and my skin is flawless. It always has been, I've been lucky enough to have never suffered acne. I look down at my wrist and notice a scar has appeared on my arm. I pull my sleeve down conscious of its existence. My cell starts to vibrate, distracting me from the pain and sorrow of my white lines. I pick it up from the side and answer the call. It's Jade, my best and most beautiful friend in the whole wide world. She has the most perfect chocolate brown eyes and rich copper hair. Of course, her body is perfect. She intimidates me. I've lost count of the number of men who beg at her pretty little feet.
"Hi Jade, everything okay?" I can sense the distress in my voice. I twist my braid in my hair and smile instantly at her voice.
"Yeah babe, just checking you’re still coming to pick me up." Oh shit of course. Today’s Friday and I always pick Jade up. It hasn’t changed since I passed drivers Ed. I check my watch and start to quickly grab my things. I hold the phone to my right ear, holding it with my shoulder.
“Yeah um...I won’t be long about half hour?" I say with annoyance. I look down at my jeans and pull hard across so the button matches the buttonhole. Why won't my jeans fasten! Great, now I'm fat. I sigh at the thought.
"Okay babe, love you" she says quickly and hangs up. Shit school. Shit.

The rest of chapter one is at www.facebook.com/officialneversaygoodbye

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