Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Meet Author AND Photographer Lindy Spencer!

Meet Author
Lindy Spencer!
Hello, Lindy Spencer here - newly published indie writer with a hyper-busy life!  Between working full-time and taking care of a husband and the dog, I juggle spending time with the kids, grandkids, photography, and writing another book.  Love to spend time in the kitchen - cooking as well as baking - and can't wait until the grands are big enough to assist me.  That will be so much fun!

For years my main focus was family.  When the kids grew up and moved out of the house, it became much quieter around here.  I found there was more time than I knew what to do with, and an idle mind is the perfect playground for a budding writer.  My first novel, The Boomerang Effect, built an entire town as well as the characters in it - some of which left their lives a bit earlier than they'd planned, but hey, that's how a good murder mystery goes, never know who will be standing when the last page flips!I love to toss photography into the mix every chance I get.  Shooting people in my writing as well as with a Canon gives me plenty of satisfaction.  Photography has been a hobby of mine as long as I can remember.  

Some of my first pictures were taken with a cheap one-use camera that required the film be developed, so you never really knew what you were going to get until you got it back from the photo lab.  Out of focus? Maybe.  People you don't know photo bombing center stage?  Possibly.  That was half the fun of film!  These days I'm more of a digital girl.  I carry a camera with me wherever I go; never know when I'm going to run across an old farmhouse that would make a great location for a tense scene, or an old bridge that cries out for a noose on a long rope to be swinging from it.  Murder on the mind all the time, great props are easier to remember if you shoot a picture of them!

Speaking of photography, I've just concluded another exciting event in my life.  My very first photography exhibit, titled "Oklahoma's Rusted Route 66", was recently on display at the Historic Route 66 Museum in Clinton, Oklahoma.  I have enjoyed riding my motorcycle up and down the historic route for a long time, finding different scenes to memorialize in pictures each time I do, and am honored to have been chosen to be the first photographer to have their work showcased in the newly remodeled museum. 

Currently I am working on my second and third novels, with a couple more ideas circling the brain - I don't know whether its an addiction or if I've finally gone around the bend (my husband believes its the latter) but writing gives me an outlet that is totally mine.  Well, mine until it hits the shelves, then its anybody's story!!

The Boomerang Effect
Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can end your life - or worse, postpone it indefinitely.

In Aspen Grove, Oklahoma, fifteen-year-old Katy had everything going for her, until an innocent decision to walk home from school set the karmic wheels in motion. Katy suffered a brutal attack, leaving her comatose.

The legal system failed to convict the men responsible for this heinous crime, instead found them not guilty. They’ve gotten away with it, or so it seems.

Now, several years later, bad things begin happening to them one by one. Accident, coincidence, or payback?

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