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Meet Author H.R. Willaston!

Meet Author H.R. Willaston!

I live in Central California with my husband, our five cats and our dog Laura-Glue (who's pictured with me and everyone seems to love her).  Up until last August I worked as a preschool teacher but now I'm working as an RSP Tutor for high school students with learning disabilities.  It's a big change, but I love it!  When I'm not working or writing, I love to read, go camping or visit the coast and volunteer for animal rescue groups.  I'm also co-captain for a team for the local Breast Cancer walk.

I love reading all types and genres of books, but lately I've been reading a lot of Young Adult and New Adult contemporary and paranormal and Fantasy.  My writing style varies on what I'm writing.  My currently published book and the one I'm in the editing stages on are both YA/NA Contemporary and I'm currently working on mapping out and doing research for a NA Paranormal story. Some of my characters are inspired by real life, some of them only existed for me until I wrote them out.  Either way I try to make them and their relationships as real as possible and the situations that they find themselves in aren't always easy and they at times they have to struggle to work through them - maybe not always making the best choices - but that's how life is.  As hard as their lives can be, I also make sure they find the happiness and joy - again just like real life.

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Future Letters

Three best friends. 
Morgan's name is synonymous with what's hot in the world of fashion as she models for the world's best and most well known designers. 
Invincible Rising is touring the globe with their multi-platinum selling album while lead singer Alaia uses her solo projects to experience music beyond rock.
While her friends travel around the world, Lilianna creates worlds of her own in her bestselling novels. Touring is fun, but she's much happier being beside of her talented photographer and art gallery owner husband, Dylan.
They love their Dream-Come-True lives...... Ten years from now.
Right now they're in high school. Morgan is fighting to be cheer captain and juggling boyfriends. Alaia is competing for choir solos and wants a bad boy that won't break her heart. Lilianna wishes that her long time crush Dylan would see her as more than a friend and is bored - searching for a more creative writing outlet than the school's newspaper. She finds that outlet through writing letters as if they were ten years into the future, encouraging her friends to do the same. Comparing their teen written letters to their adult lives, the girls discover that futures don't always turn out as you plan and your entire world can change in a heartbeat.
Future Letters, filled with friendship, love, confusion and heartbreak, is the story of their lives and dreams told through glimpsing into their private world of note passing, emails, text messages and private chat rooms.

Nine Days 
(to be released in August/September 2013)

Nine Days is the story of Andy Qwinn - an ordinary high school student.  She studies hard to get good grades.  She trains all year to keep her spot on her school's swim team.  She hangs out with her best friend, volunteers at an aquarium and earns extra money as a science tutor, while working toward her dream of going to college and working to protect marine animals and their homes.

In a family with five kids, it's east to get lost in the shuffle.  It's even easier when the other siblings are highlighted by their coveted artistic abilities and easily obtained academic honors.  Andy is the completely ordinary child in her family of extraordinary.

Until she decides to spend her spring break doing what she wants.  With the click of a mouse, she changes her itinerary from an ordinary week long visitation with her mom, step-dad and step-sister to an extraordinary nine days working with a couple of monk seals in an aquarium, meeting new people and getting the chance to experience things she's never even considered before a thousands of miles from home.  

How much can Andy's life change by spending nine days doing what she wants?  Making her own decisions without parental approval?  Dealing with the consequences of those decisions?  

What happens when the nine days are up?

The inspiration behind two characters (Pil and Popo) from Nine Days

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