Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meet Author Janice Baker!

Meet Author Janice Baker!

As a first time author, I find this industry a bit intimidating. I had no idea how scary it would be to market my book next to all the authors I’ve admired for so long.
I live in sunny Largo, Florida. I have a wonderful husband, two fantastic daughters and a very old dog. Living near the beach, I often gain inspiration from people watching. Man-gazing is definitely a favorite past time! I enjoy watching couples interact with each other and wonder what their story is or I have fun making one up for them.
I have toyed with the idea of writing a book for a very long time, but never actually sat down and tried until my husband encouraged me to “give it a go.” After I sent a couple chapters to a close friend, she insisted I write the rest of the story.
Promises, Promises will be my first self-published book and will be released May 2, 2013. I am extremely excited and very nervous about “putting myself out there,” but I am also thrilled and anxious about this new adventure.
I wrote Promises, Promises from both points of view of the main characters. The majority of my books, if not all, will be in the same format. I chose this format because I have often read a book, wanting to immediately know what the other characters (usually the male characters) were thinking. Let’s face it, a guy’s perspective is often crude and very different from the way a woman thinks.
I have several other books that I am working on. Like a lot of authors, I enjoy listening to music while I write. Usually a lyric or even the song title provides inspiration to a certain scene for the book. However, the downside is that my four and six year old girls now know the lyrics to a number of songs that they probably shouldn’t.
I look forward to the release of Promises, Promises and am excited about this new journey.

Promises, Promises
Isabella “Izzy” McKenna just came out of a two year, well, she couldn’t really call it a relationship.  It was more like two years of being dominated and controlled by HIM, a handsome, domineering and powerful man.  When she finally decides to leave HIM, after HE finally pushes her too far, she revives her friendship with her best friend from college.
Little did Izzy know that rekindling her friendship would also throw her into an amazing loving relationship with a gorgeous fun, but at times jealous, bar owner named Z.
Will Izzy’s horrible childhood and past controlling relationship keep her from finally finding the love that she’s always searched for?  Or will HE ruin the love that is finally just in her grasp?

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