Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meet Author CJ Azevedo

CJ Azevedo

I am a stay at home mom of 2 kids and lead a pretty typical stay at home mom kind of life. Last fall I read from one of my fave authors that she just needed to get her characters voices out of her head and onto paper. I had been telling myself stories with characters voices for years and never connected the dots. I feel silly now that i thought i was so abnormal! haha Anyway, I started jotting down some conversations these two characters kept carrying on about and pretty soon i had a full blown contemporary romance novel. I am a huge fan of so many authors and read daily. I am influenced by several different writing styles and take from the easiness of a read. Deep concerning books are good to read in moderation (in my opinion anyway) and prefer to write for enjoyment. I want to captivate the reader and send them into an alternate world for just a little while.

Currently I have my debut novel (Without Boundaries) with my copy editor and the cover in the works. We're shooting for late May for publishing. I am now working on the 2nd book in the series Without Doubt.

Without Boundaries

Bailey Hayes moved to New York 10 years ago attemting to run from her tragic past. Becoming quite succesfull as a Publist in Soho, NY she was ecstatic to meet and fall in love with Hollister Harrison. She moves into his Upper East Side condo only to discover that living in such close proximity he is unable to hide his true nature of being. Dealing and living with his temperment out of her twisted since of loyalty and commitment she strains to find light in the day. Running into a beautiful man at a hockey game her friend convinced her to go to, she feels an incredible pull and obvious attraction to him. They soon discover that he is her friends brother. Soon she finds herself on vacation in The Hamptons with that beautiful man (Talon McAllister) after a terrifying fight with her boyfriend. Talon finds himself consumed with Bailey by the end of their 5 day vacation and not wanting to let her go. He all too soon realizes that Bailey's past is crippling her view of the present and must eat his feeling until she can hopefully dismiss her fear of repeating the past and see whats waiting right in front of her.

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