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The Do Over by A.L. Zaun Blog Tour & Giveaway

Title: The Do Over
Author:  A.L. Zaun
Release date: May 20th, 2013
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Life doesn't look like it's supposed to for Daniela, aka Dani. After a painful break-up with Rick, Dani decides she doesn't want to deal with the hassles of relationship.

After almost two years, Dani's friends stage an intervention, forcing her out of her holding pattern and back into the real world of dating.

Liam, a down to earth firefighter, may be just the person to show her she’s still worth something. Their chemistry is instant and electric. But will Dani be able to trust her patched-up heart with him?

And what will happen when Rick decides he’ll go to any lengths to get her back?

Author’s Take on the Leading Lady in The Do Over
By A.L. Zaun

(picture by Genesis Rodriguez found on Facebook fanpage)

I love Dani's story, mostly because it's about second chances and the hope that comes when you think that there might not be anything else out there. I suppose in a way, many of Dani's experiences have been taken from my own personal life. 

Dani is an avid reader, who owns multiple kindles and experiences the discrimination as well as the persecution that comes from those that simply don't understand her love of books. She's funny, sassy, and sexy as hell.  She's quirky and has her issues, but she's a loyal and good friend.  

Dani's a romantic that lives a guarded life.  She's made bad relational choices and more often than not because she believed the good in people.  It had more to do with who she was than it had to do with the other person.  Unfortunately for her, men did take advantage of her. 

As Dani's character was coming to full life for me, I went through about three muses until I found Genesis Rodriguez, a local Miami actress, who embodied Dani's physical appearance. 

About the Author:

A.L. Zaun graduated from Florida International University with a degree in English Literature a long time ago.  A degree she didn’t use at all in her professional endeavors.  She loves to read, write and take pictures.  She walks around with her camera, and most importantly she has her e-reader available at all times.  Healthcare Management by day, Mommy in the evening and most nights, you can find her sitting in front of her laptop with a bottle of Diet Pepsi, bringing the voices in her head to life on the pages of her debut novel, The Do Over.  

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