Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review - Vacationista by Tara Simone

A broken heart. A ticket to paradise. A resort full of honeymooners ... the last thing newly single Patience De La Rosa needs if she's to find a candidate for a casual rebound. Her luggage catching a flight to Mauritius instead of Maui doesn't help matters and a maxed out credit card doesn't buy a girl a fresh pair of panties. Then there's the annoying weird guy, the one who's married to his laptop, sitting beside her at the pool.

Odds for a fling improve when three single, sexy and willing candidates cross her path. Though Patience's luggage may be M.I.A., her breakup baggage crossed the Pacific with her. Will Patience cast it aside, throw caution to the tropical winds and indulge in island debauchery? Or will a tea leaf reader's prediction about her romantic excursions come true in unexpected ways?

My Review: 

Vacationista is the beach read to top all beach reads! There is no way you'll be able to put it down once you get started, it's that addictive. Patience De la Rosa has every woman's dream job and shoes to die for, Chanel Espadrilles appropriately named Coco, whom she consults with through out her vacation. Even though the airline loses her luggage, she's able to make do with what she has in her carry on, as well as the $200 in cash she brought with her. The hilarity that ensues on her vacation is absolutely priceless. 

Patience has to be one of the most entertaining heroines I've come across. From the moment she sits down next to the weirdo at the pool you know nothing but awesomeness will follow. I absolutely adored Huey and his lack of pigmentation. The witty banter between him and Patience had me laughing out loud on many occasions. They get along so easily without even trying. The fact that he's there for her after every failed rebound attempt is just too cute for words, even if he is teasing her most of the time. And even though he was never really an option, I was Team Huey all the way.

For a debut novel, I'm impressed. The writing style was super catchy and easy to get into. The characters, although quirky, were very real and lovable. This has to be one of the funnest and funniest books I've read in a while. I seriously didn't want it to end and I'm hoping Ms. Simone turns this into a series b/c I would love to hear more about Patience & Huey!!

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  1. Maria,

    On behalf of Patience, Coco and myself, thank you for your review. We are THRILLED that you enjoyed it. I know you have tons of books to choose from and the fact that your opened the digital cover of a debut author and gave Vacationista a try means the world to me. That you liked it and reviewed it sends me over the moon.
    Tara Simone

  2. It looks like such a good read! I saw an excerpt previosly and would have already picked it up, but I have my fingers crossed for Tara's bag giveaway. I love your reviews and appreciate that you review new authors to broaden my reading horizon. Thanks so much for all you do for us readers!

  3. Ever since my hubby's luggage didn't arrive with him one business trip. we've carried some necessities in our carry-on. Hopefully Patience had a few things with her, because I can't imagine $200 going very far. :)
    This does sound like a fun read. I have put it on my TBR list and will probably read it *before* I get to some others.