Saturday, August 24, 2013

Broken Ever After by Natalie Graham - Cover Reveal

Olivia Stevens is a young, troubled girl from London, England, just about to leave sixth form, into a world full of love, lust, heartbreak and betrayal.

Olivia has had a crush on her teacher, Mr Matthews, for the last six years but what happens when those feelings are reciprocated? And what happens when someone with a grudge against her gets in between her and her dream man?

Forced to face fears from her childhood, Olivia’s life isn’t what she thought it was destined to be, the people in her life aren’t who she thought they were.

Contains language and scenarios which some readers may find offensive and/or disturbing. Contains scenes of a sexual nature. Recommended to 18+ readers.


He gazed around my room, his eyes taking in all of the photographs and paintings that lined my walls and shelves; some landscapes from walks with my Uncle Austin and the rest of family and friends. “Did you do all of these?”

“Yup.” I said with my back still pinned to my bedroom door. He stood up to get a closer look at one of my paintings that was hanging opposite my bed. It was a picture of a hallway; the focus, although slightly blurred was a figure of a man dressed in dark blue with his back to the viewer, his left hand tucked into his pocket, his right hand free by his side as he walked. The walls of the hallway were cream coloured, the floor black, blurred figures surrounded the figure pressed to the walls like a parting tide as the man walked between them. It was a view I had seen daily for the last six years; a view of Jamie. My heart was in my throat as he continued to stare at it, his gaze moving to the date in the corner. I’d painted it three years ago.

He turned to face me with a glazed look in his eyes as his mouth opened as if to say something. He closed it again as his eyes came back to focus, landing on me. “That’s what you sleep in?” 

I looked down at my little black, silk camisole and tiny matching shorts, biting the inside of my cheek as a blush swiftly swept over the outside.

“Erm… Yes, why? Is there something wrong with my pyjamas?” I frowned at him, flushing more as his gaze raked over my body.

“No” he breathed a ragged sigh and sat back down. “I just wish there was more to them right now."

About the Author:

Natalie Graham was born in England, where she resides in a noisy sea-side town with her husband, two children and their hundreds of lizards (there are only 7 really).

She can often be found curled up with a cup of tea and her phone wearing out her Kindle App, hugging her laptop furiously close to her while she writes, or cringing in a corner as she contemplates writing about herself in third person (no it’s not one of her favourite thing to do).

I can’t do it any more.


As I was saying. My life revolves around my family; my husband, my two beautiful daughters and our pets.

I developed my love for reading when I began suffering with anxiety during my second pregnancy. Reading became my escape, but once my baby was born it didn’t work so well any more. Writing took over my escape from my anxiety, but you won’t hear any more on that for a little while.

I’m about to embark on a terrifying journey, and would love for you to come with me.

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