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Blog Tour - Love Resisted by Melanie Codina

Book 2 - Real Love Series
Melanie Codina

For Allie Baxter, love was never something she had to worry about. She was loved by her friends, her family, her husband … until the day it was ripped away. Losing love was the deepest pain Allie had ever endured, and it was an agony she vowed to avoid feeling ever again. Crippled with guilt over her loss, for five years Allie served her self-appointed exile from the daily comforts offered by friends and family, only to return and attempt to fit herself back into their open arms—even if she knew she didn’t deserve it. Mike Lawson was not something Allie expected; the love of a man was not something Allie was prepared to want. The spark of desire that had long ago died inside her suddenly returned, bringing the memories of her pain with it. She swore she would never allow herself to love again … but how long could love be resisted?

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Melanie is an amazing mother of four, an awesome and tolerant wife to one, and nurse to many. If you don’t believe her, just ask anyone in her family, they know what to say. She is also a devoted chauffer, the keeper of missing socks, a genius according to a six year old, the coolest soccer uniform coordinator according to a twelve year old, and the best damn ‘mac-n-cheese-with-cut-up-hot-dog maker in the whole world. Well that last title isn’t really official, but it’s still pretty cool to be called it.

When not being ordered around by any of the kids, you can find her with her nose in a book or on the sideline of a soccer game cheering on one team or another. But that’s mostly because she has a thing for the coach. When she is not doing all of the above, you can find her obsessed with a group of fictional characters all vying for a spot on the page of whatever she’s working on. It’s a fun and crazy life to lead, but wouldn’t have it any other way


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My Review:

In Love Resisted, Ms. Codina has recreated the very same magic that captured me in Love Realized. Her ability to tell such a heart warming story with an incredible cast of characters makes reading her books so entertaining. Love Resisted is extremely well written with the perfect blend of humor, drama and romance that will have you laughing one moment and crying the next.

Allie is one feisty chick. She's worked hard to maintain her bitchy exterior to keep certain people, namely her super hot neighbor Mike, from getting too close. But she soon finds out that they have much more in common than she could've imagined. Where Mike has effectively dealt with his grief, Allie has hidden behind hers preventing her from moving on. Mike's determination to break down her walls and win her over is just plain swoon worthy. I was without a doubt rooting for him the whole time, and couldn't agree more when he would gave Allie a much needed dose of tough love, telling her what she needed to hear, not what she wanted to hear. The suspense of "will she or won't she" keeps you guessing right until the very end.

Ms. Codina has created an awesome cast of characters who instantly welcome you into their lives as you're pulled into the story. They couldn't be more "real" if they tried. What I love the most is that they're all perfectly imperfect! They represent the average person so well and deal with a lot of real life stuff that often gets glossed over in other books. Reading about characters that you can relate to really helps the story hit home & takes you right along for the ride, experiencing all the highs and lows.. These are the kinds of friends that make you wish you lived in their fictional world.

I have to mention one of my favorite scenes: The first time I heard the song Treasure by Bruno Mars on the radio (after reading Love Resisted) I was in my car driving home from work and I literally burst out laughing. There's a very special scene involving being serenaded boy band style that will have you giggling uncontrollably every time you conjure up the mental image. It's truly priceless and I doubt you will ever think of Treasure the same way again.

I absolutely loved this book and would highly recommend it BUT you should really start with Love Realized first for the full effect. You could probably read this as a stand alone but it would definitely help to have the character background provided in the first book since they all make a reappearance in the sequel. I will be anxiously awaiting the 3rd book in the series, Love Required!

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  1. Thank you so much Maria for being a part of the blog tour for Love Resisted. What a wonderful review =)