Monday, October 14, 2013

Review - Composed in Blood by Cindy Sprigg

Within its pages is a story of Murder, Mayhem, Mystery and Romance, all wrapped around an intriguing plot.

When the act of murder is so evil, the story itself becomes an entity that forces its author into feeding it's blood lust. Composed in Blood!

"Novelist Jake Stone has sacrificed everything for this story, including anyone who crossed his path - a story Composed in Blood.

Tommy, the incestuous and psychotic offspring of a crooked judge, has had a boyhood from hell. He is surviving the only way he knows, by eating what he kills. He is observed by a has-been writer, Jake Stone, who becomes obsessed by the concept of recording the story that unfolds to create his greatest work. Stone starts to bring in new victims for Tommy to butcher, feeding the incessant thirst of the story for blood. Despite the best efforts of law enforcement, this bizarre situation spins rapidly out of control in a maelstrom of murder and madness, to a final resolution: or is it final?

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~ Lexana's Review ~ 

Miss. Sprigg tells an interesting tale in Composed in Blood. The story was twisty and dark, and had elements that reminded me of a couple specific Stephen King stories, in a good way.

In the beginning we start with Tommy who is just a boy who was dealt one terrible life. As the story goes on, no matter what he does, it’s hard not to feel sorry for him. Later you learn more about his beast. It’s nearly impossible not to sympathize with the duo. And it’s very easy to hate his grandmother.

Jack Stone is a piece of work. Talk about insane writer. He’s so brilliantly twisted with his it’s all for the story mentality.

There are so many other members in this case. A lot of them with tragic ends, but it’s that kind of horror story that will keep you reading to find out how twisted it will wind up.

Definitely worth the read for horror fans.

My only real complaint is that at times it felt as if I was missing key details that would have pulled me in a little further. Sometimes it felt as we jumped too fast to a new perspective without really answering certain questions. You get most of them in the end, so it works out.

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