Saturday, October 26, 2013

Review - The Demented Adventures of Princess Pertties by K.D. Montgomery

Pertties is socially awkward and extremely frustrated after having spent years trying to piece together the fragments that she has left of her childhood memories. Struggling to figure out who she really is, she spends most of her time hiding behind her poor attitude and sarcastic remarks. Unfortunately, her wit and chastising comments are not enough to keep her from reliving the terror of her forgotten past when she falls into a horrifying new world.

Demented has all the memories that he could ever need, but he too is a social reject and is tired of his place on the bottom rung of the ladder. Having spent his life working as a slave in a terrestrial world doing everyone’s bidding, he’s ready for a change. Prepared to risk all that he knows, he joins Pertties on her reluctant quest to find the Southern Light, even though it goes against his own people – a civilization of burly underground trolls.

Their adventures lead them to discover that there is more going on than what they had originally believed and that they alone are the last hope that the southern territory has against the evil that threatens the land. Knowing that they only have each other, the two team up to escape from the prisons that they have created within themselves (as well as the others that they constantly seem to land in) and in the process find themselves on a journey fraught with danger, demons, and death.

~ Megan's Review ~ 

Pertties is a teenage girl with no memory before the last 5 years of her life when she was found by an elderly gentleman on the side of the road. Having no memories, no home, and no apparent family she is fostered by her rescuer and his wife. Not content with her small town life, she feels something is missing and she is meant for bigger and better things…if only she had known those bigger things would find her when she least expected it and pull her into a world she had never imagined existed.

Thrust into a world of fantasy and mythical creatures Pertties, accompanied by her faithful troll friend Demented who she has no memory of, is forced to survive while trying to uncover the lost memories of her life and avoiding the dangers she escaped from years before. Pertties is a strong character who faces the challenges before her exceedingly well while also adding an element of tenderness to those she comes across. The banter between her and Demented is comical and you can really get a feel of their friendship.

This was a very well-written and easy to read book. K. D. Montgomery was very descriptive in her writing allowing the reader to visualize with clarity a multitude of elements in the book. However, though I did very much enjoy the book, I felt there were many portions of the story that could have been expanded on. Overall, I think it was a fantastic young adult read and I would definitely be interested in reading further installments in this story to see some of my questions answered.

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