Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review - Peeking Through Wooden Blinds by Jane Reinhart

Paige Henderson and Joey Novak are planning their wedding. But a devastating and mysterious phone call leads Paige onto a path of self-destruction and into the arms of the wrong man. Her ensuing marriage to Nick Bruska becomes a nightmare and she struggles to regain self-worth. Joey has never forgotten Paige. Will he ever see her again? Only then could they discover the terrible mistake that changed the course of their lives.

~ Kelli's Review ~ 

Okay, I'm going to do thing a wee bit differently for this review so bear with me.

Although this wasn't my favorite read, I really appreciated the way it was written. I believe the author took a great deal of time to really make this story relatable for some and made the situations represented as realistically as possible. My rating is not a personal one due to the fact that just because I don't like something, doesn't mean it deserves a low rating.

Since I don't typically read historical romance, it was hard for me to put myself in the mindset of this particular time period. I had to keep reminding myself that things were a lot different back then and there were certain expectations when it came to situations that played out in this book. Let me explain.

Peeking Through Wooden Blinds is a story that follows a young woman through her journey into adulthood and continues on as she grows older. When we first meet Paige, she is young and naive growing up in the early 1970's. She has lived a somewhat sheltered life when it comes to relationships. Her father is in the Navy so she has moved quite a bit making any kind of relationship, whether friendship or romantic, very hard to hold onto.

Her first dose of reality comes when she enters her first relationship with a popular boy during her first year of high school. She enjoys the attention it brings her considering she had never really been part of the "in" crowd. Her new found fame (for lack of a better word) makes it hard for her to see how unhealthy this relationship has become and causes her to see this as the norm. It isn't until she meets another boy, a much nicer boy, that she realizes she hasn't been respected as much as she should be.

Joey is a breath of fresh air for Paige. He is gentle and kind and before long, she finds herself falling deeply in love. Her family adores him which only solidifies her decision to give herself to him fully. However, one phone call changes everything. Her vulnerable heart is shattered and another man just happens to be there with a broom and a dust pan to piece it back together.

Paige is now a 20 year old newlywed thrown into a life she never thought she would be living. Her new husband has a hard time ditching his bachelor life and accepting his new marital responsibilities. Decades of broken promises and deceit weigh heavily on Paige's heart, but she refuses to break the sacred vows she promised to him all those years ago.

As I said, I had a hard time putting myself in the mindset of this time period. I wanted to violently shake Paige and knock some common sense into her, but I had to remind myself that back then, certain things were expected from a wife and many things were swept under the rug. I hated how forgiving she was and how she didn't have enough self respect to understand she deserved better. By the end of the book, I was able to respect this story for what is was. It is a glimpse into a very real and common life of a woman finally finding herself after years and years of horrible struggles.

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