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Blog Tour - Keep Me Still by Caisey Quinn

Layla Flaherty had the perfect life, or close to it. Until a stranger gunned her parents down right in front of her, leaving her with seizure inducing PTSD. After years of trying to pass as normal and failing miserably, she resigns herself to being invisible. But new to town Landen O’Brien sees her, and he likes what he sees. Much to Layla’s surprise, he doesn’t freak out when she has a seizure in front of him. He does the exact opposite, calming her until the tremors subside. But Landen has secrets of his own. Secrets that both bind them together and tear them apart.

Scarred by loss, Layla leaves her hometown of Hope Springs, Georgia, hoping to put her painful past behind her and start over in college in California. When she runs into Landen at freshmen orientation, she has a choice to make. Reinforce those steel walls she's built up around herself or give the only boy who can keep her still a second chance.

Landen’s more than ready to tear down those walls but this time when they come crashing down, they might bury her.

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       “It’s just, I don’t really have friends here. I haven’t had a friend in a long time. I like you, Landen. A lot. And I want to be friends.” 

       I’m fucking ecstatic to be this close to her. But the friend word keeps cutting into me. I work hard to form a coherent thought while lost in the depths of her open vulnerable stare. “I want to be friends too, Layla. And I think I might like to be more than that. But if you’re not interested—”

       “I’m interested,” she says, cutting me off as her eyes flash and burn into me. “But I might not be…ready for something like that.”

       “Then I’ll just stick around until you are ready,” I tell her with a grin. Her muscles visibly relax and I risk taking a step closer. “Patience has never been my greatest skill though, but I promise to give it my best shot.”

       “And what is your greatest skill?” She’s backed up against her locker, and I want so badly to show her the answer to that question.

       “I’ll show you. When you’re ready.”

My Review:

Let You Leave

I read Let You Leave before reading Keep Me Still. While its not necessary, it is quite helpful to have the background info of how Layla and Landen came to be, plus the horrible trauma Layla endured before meeting Landen. Their relationship is absolutely heart melting and so intense. You can help but root for them, especially Layla who deserves all the happy moments life will throw her way.

Poor Layla has been dealt some pretty crappy cards in life. Witnessing her parents murder as a child has some seriously severe consequences beyond the expected emotional trauma. Hitting her head on the hard ground has left behind irreparable damage. Not knowing when the next seizure will hit has Layla just barely surviving life, never really living it. And the fact that she's been dubbed "Freaky Flaherty" by her classmates just adds to the discomfort. That is, until she meets Landen. In a short amount of time he's able to bring her back to life and offers the comfort she's been desperately seeking, yet only ever dreamed of finding. Unfortunately Landen's home life is quite disheartening, causing his mother to uproot them and head back home to Colorado.

Other than being a bit rushed, I thought this story was great. It was nice having the extra insight into the story.

Keep Me Still

Wow! This was my first time reading a book by Caisey Quinn and let me just say, you can most definitely believe the hype! Keep Me Still is an emotional, yet sexy heart-melting read that had me absolutely captivated from beginning to end. It's so well written with characters that will just tug at your heart strings relentlessly. While it's not absolutely necessary to read Let You Leave (Keep Me Still, #0.5) beforehand, it is a bit helpful to have the extra insight into Layla and Landen's past. I believe the novella is included when you purchase Keep Me Still, so that's a plus for those of you who haven't read either one yet.

After reading Let You Leave, I was eager to get into, what I consider, the heart of the story. Finally reunited after a long time spent apart, neither Layla nor Landen is willing to admit their true feelings or act on them whole-heartedly. Landen is eager to step in and "rescue" Layla not realizing that she doesn't need rescuing any more. She's been coping just fine without him, even if she isn't being entirely truthful with her new college friends. While it appears as though fate is responsible for bringing these two together, the truth of the matter is much more interesting. Especially when there are some serious secrets being kept hidden.

I can't wait to read more of Ms. Quinn's books, I have quickly an easily become a huge fan!

Hold Us Close

OMG, I enjoyed Hold Us Close so much more than the previous 2 books! Maybe that's because it provided the closure I so desperately needed! Ms. Quinn kicked up the intensity in this final installment of the Keep Me Still series. Talk about emotional overload! There is so much going on, you'll be wondering if they can actually have the happily ever after that we've all been hoping for. With the same amazing writing style we've come to love and expect, Ms. Quinn takes us on another powerful and moving journey with Layla and Landen, as they face their last hurdle. 

Layla and Landen are finally in a good place. They're both pursuing their goals in Spain, although the threat of Layla's condition is not by any means forgotten, it's still looming over them threateningly like a dark cloud. There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel though! A life changing procedure that could rid Layla of the tumor that's more like a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode. Awesome, right?? Not so much. A pregnancy Layla is not willing to terminate is what stands in between her chance of having a long happy life with Landen. Tensions once again arise, causing a rift between them. Landen has some issues of his own to face and conquer, although it seems nearly impossible. A joyous occasion causes more misery than happiness as Layla struggles with the urge to stay or leave. 

Wow, wow, wow. I couldn't have dreamt up a better ending. This series is an absolute must read!

Author Information

Caisey Quinn lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, daughter, and other assorted animals. She is the bestselling author of the Kylie Ryans series as well as several New Adult Romance novels featuring country girls finding love in unexpected places. You can find her online at





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