Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review - Wild Hyacinthe by Nola Sarina & Emily Faith

A deadly lover. His perfect mate. Asher is everything Aria's never dared to imagine: sexy, confident, and rich. But if she convinces him to take her to his bed... her first time may be her last.

Incubus Asher Chain seduces every woman he meets whether he wants to or not, and refuses to let anyone grow close to him. Until the alluring, tattooed waitress Aria Hyacinthe admits she’s been living in her car. Enthralled by her unusual beauty—and terrified he’ll succumb to his deadly, incubus needs—Asher offers her a place to stay.

Living in Asher's loft above his gym, Aria's desire for his body is growing more urgent with every touch. Used to being the backward, shy one, in his presence she becomes fierce, captivating, and breaks down Asher’s walls against all his attempts to keep his distance. She has no clue that if he gives in to her passionate pleas, she won't survive the night, just like all the other women who have fallen victim to his charms.

But the deeper Asher and Aria fall in love, the harder he must fight the incubus in his soul, demanding her life.

~ My Review ~

Lately I've been on a New Adult kick as far as my reading habits are concerned. But when I was offered an ARC of Wild Hyacinthe for an honest review, I couldn't refuse. PNR is my absolute favorite genre as it provides the ultimate escape into a world of fantasy. I am so glad that this was my re-entry point into the PNR world because it was one hell of a "welcome back."

I absolutely LOVED Asher, and not just because he's a filthy rich super sexy incubus, but because of the man he is underneath it all. His everyday struggles are what draw you into him. Mostly because he's not embracing his role as an incubus, he's fighting it with everything he has & keeping track of each kill with a physical reminder. He is completely guilt ridden and not at all like the "villain" you may have expected. Unfortunately for him, the one thing he wants the most is the only thing he can't have, as his past history has proven. I was especially interested in the chapters told from his POV, as his story was more intriguing.

I struggled a bit with Aria's character, feeling she was a bit inconsistent in her thoughts and actions, and downright annoying at times. Or maybe just desperate, that's probably a more fitting word. But I held out on my final judgement until the very end because I had an idea of where I hoped the story was going, so I wanted to hold off on forming my opinion. And I'm so glad I did. Getting a little more insight into Aria's past was interesting and helped me to connect with her a little more.

The suspense of will they or won't they was pretty intense and kept me on the edge of my seat, thinking each time they got too close was going to be it! Who knew that not having sex could be so sexy?! The big question here is how can they possibly have any kind of relationship without intimacy? With the possibility of death looming so closely? A simple kiss or touch taken too far could have dire consequences. Asher is against doing anything that will hurt her, but Aria is as stubborn as they come and intent on sealing the deal, so to speak. The anticipation alone will keep you hooked on this awesome story!

While I thoroughly enjoyed reading Wild Hyacinthe, I felt like there were some questions left unanswered. It's nothing too obvious or major, just a couple things I would've liked to know a little more about. I don't feel it detracts from the story at all and you may not even have the same questions by the time you're done. However, I do know that we need a follow up book about Gypsy finding love! She deserves it! I would love to know more about her and her life. She seems very rigid and emotionless, I just know there has to be a story hidden in there somewhere! *hint hint*

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm curious to see how he gets over his incubus not killing her.