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Blog Tour - The Promise by S.L. Jayne

How far would you go to help your best friend?

Do you remember when you were young, and made pinky promises with your best friend about living together, dating movie stars, being famous and double weddings?

Ava and Rylee had the same plans. Knowing the home life Rylee had, Ava knew that all of those dreams of fun and freedom would always be just that. Dreams. That was until one night, Rylee asked Ava to pinky promise they would move away as soon as they were old enough and able to.

Ava's advice to Rylee is to have fun and have faith, but most of all believe in herself and learn to trust that not all guys can't be trusted... But can Ava learn to take herself own advice when it comes to her own heart?

This book is intended for age 17+ due to sexual content, violence and strong language.

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The Promise (Faith & Friendship)The Promise by S.L. Jayne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Promise is a fantastic debut novel from blogger turned author, S.L. Jayne. I am so unbelievably honored to have received an ARC to review and can’t wait to share my thoughts with you!

In this story we’re introduced to Ava and Rylee, childhood best friends who’ve been there for each other through thick and thin. They have the kind of friendship you can’t help but admire. One night Rylee shows up at Ava’s house completely distraught. Without even knowing what has caused her best friend so much distress Ava makes a decision right then and there. With only her best friend’s interests at heart and determined to put an end to whatever is causing Rylee to suffer so much, Ava promises that they’ll move away together as soon as they’re old enough and able to. They build new lives for themselves in California as they both attempt to leave everything in their pasts behind them. But the past always has a way of coming back around in some pretty unexpected ways. My favorite being in the form of a super hunky ex-boyfriend.

I read this book in one sitting because I just couldn’t put it down. Ms. Jayne has a way of writing that will cause her words to linger in your mind as well as in your heart. Her characters are well developed and so easy to relate to because they represent the average person. You’ll feel each joy and heartbreak as if it was your own and will come to care for them as if they were friends or family. What I loved most about The Promise is that instead of one flat story you get two amazing stories, seamlessly woven together. At first glance you would think it primarily revolves around Ava, but that’s not the case. Each of our protagonists has some personal growing to do and they do it side by side, as true friends do.

I would’ve loved to see some sort of closure between Ava and Reece, the douche bag she meets at a rather painful speed dating event, but at the same time I’m thinking, “Good riddance!” He was a special kind of sleaze ball that wasn’t worth the time of day he was given. I wish Ava had seen it and wasn’t so quick to brush off his shadyness. She’s such an intelligent, no nonsense kind of girl so the fact that she didn’t call him out on his behavior was a little disappointing. I can only hope that he’ll catch an awful case of Herpes in the near future. That would be karma at its finest. But seeing as how this is the first book in a series I will hold onto hope that he gets what's coming to him in the next book.

While some might call the ending a cliffhanger, I think it’s more of a “to be continued.” You won’t be devastated or left hanging by any means. Instead the story leaves off in a way that the 2nd book can easily pick up and keep right on going. And for a change, you the reader are in on a secret that only one of our 2 leading ladies is aware of. So it helps to be in the loop, so to speak, because at least you know what’s coming.

I would definitely recommend this book to those who love a novel with substance, a story you can get completely lost in without any fluff. From start to finish you’ll be absolutely hooked and left wanting more. Kudos to Ms. Jayne on a successful debut novel that has the perfect blend of romance, drama and suspense.


A loud knock on the door makes me jump, who the hell knocks that loud at this time of night? 
“Did you order any food?” I ask with a frown. Reece shakes his head and looks towards the door as another loud knock comes. 
“No but whoever it is sounds like they will come through the door in a minute if you don’t answer it.”
I shrug and make my way to the door wondering if it’s Rylee, she has forgotten her key a few times before. I unlock the door and pull it open, my heart slams against my chest when I see Ryan; I haven’t seen him since the bar and he is the last person I expected to find on the door step. 
“What the hell are you doing here?” I said in a rushed low voice.
I don’t want to shout and make Reece come to the door. Ryan steps closer to the door and puts one hand on the door frame, and smiles at me. 
“Nice to see you too, baby. I know I said I’d give you time but I remembered that I didn’t leave my number with the flowers and knew you couldn’t contact me, so I got your address from Walker and here I am.” He said still smiling. 
How does Walker know where I live? I bet the sneaky fucker got it from Aimee or Kaitlyn, more likely Kaitlyn because she seems to be the easily intimidated one. 
“Well, I’m busy so you need to go. You can’t just show up here and expect me to-“ 
I stopped talking when I heard Reece’s voice. 
“Who’s at the door, sexy?” He asked as he stepped closer standing behind me. 
In between these two I feel small; they are both over 6ft, they are both toned and athletic but Reece is smaller framed whereas Ryan’s body frame is almost two of me. My heart is racing, I didn’t want to explain Ryan to Reece yet because I didn’t know how to explain or what to say about who he is, is he an old friend? I’m not sure I can really call him a friend after the way we parted in Boston and I sure as hell can’t call him an ex, that would imply a relationship and we had never gone there. I felt Reece step around me to see who is there. 
“Who are you?” Ryan’s voice dragged me from my silent state. I looked up to see confusion on Ryan’s face. 
“I’m Reece, Ava’s man.” He said as he draped his arm over my shoulder. 
I wanted to shrug him off because I felt like it was more of a smug move than a sweet one. 
Ryan laughed and looked Reece up and down. “Nice to meet you, I’m Ryan. He said with a smirk. “I’m also really good with faces and I know yours.” He added. 
Before I could think about this turning into a pissing contest I can’t help wondering how Ryan knows Reece’s face. 
“How do you know him?” I asked as I turned to face Ryan. 
“I don’t know him personally- wouldn’t want to, but I was in Matts bar the other night and I saw him with Abby, one of Walker’s friends.” He said without taking his eyes off Reece. 
I felt Reece’s arm move away from my shoulder as he took a step towards Ryan, but he wasn’t quick enough and Ryan had taken a step to the side. 
“You’re full of shit, man, I wasn’t with anyone!” Reece shouted at Ryan making my heart race more, I don’t want a fight on my doorstep. 
I heard Ryan’s deep laugh again, it was more than a chuckle this time. “Calm down, dude, you’re a little hot headed for an innocent guy.” Ryan said stepping closer to Reece. “But I know what I saw and you should also know I’m not going to let you hurt my girl. And that’s a promise not a threat.” 
Reece started walking off towards his car before I could tell Ryan to leave. 
“Reece!” I called out but he carried on walking, I don’t understand why he didn’t just laugh off Ryan’s accusations. 
“Leave him to it, Ava.” Hearing Ryan talk reminded me he was still standing there. 
“What the fuck, Ryan? Why did you do that?” Rage built up inside me, who the hell does he think he is? I am so pissed right now.
Ryan took a step closer, he is practically halfway through the door. “He is a player, Ava. I know one when I see one, I used to be one after all!” He scowled.
 I turned away from him and walked back into the house, I know he is just trying to break me down and doesn’t want Reece to make me happy. He’s using the ‘player card’ because he knows that’s the one thing that would make me stop dating him. 
He followed me through to the kitchen, I gripped onto the edge of the counter keeping my back to him. 
“You’re just jealous, Ryan. He isn’t a player, he’s sweet and always knows the right things to say. I spoke to him tonight about other possible girls.” 

I know he didn’t need to know that but I wanted him to know that I had handled it. I turned around and saw him close his eyes and shake his head. I walked past him into the living room and could hear him follow me.

About the Author:

I love reading, I have way too many book boyfriends and I love to chat! I have a daughter who I love more than the stars. She is my whole life. My family have and always will be my rocks, they have stood by me through everything.

I sometimes talk too much, I have huge blonde moments, big freak outs and hyper moments, which lead to me being reminded to breathe!

After starting to read again more regularly I met some great girls online through our love of books, and they have become some of my closest friends, it's really true that somebody doesn't have to be right next to you to make you feel great. Since being an admin on a Facebook book page I have gotten to know some amazing authors and a few of those I now consider great friends.

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