Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review - Bride Without A Groom by Amy Lynch

Rebecca has chosen the most luscious, five tiered, wedding cake – as featured in Hello! Magazine. The engagement ring that she has selected is celebrity inspired. The wedding singer is on speed dial. He doesn’t usually do Michael Bolton, but as it’s for a first dance he’ll make an exception. Father Maguire is checking dates for the parish church as we speak. The deposit on the white sand honeymoon is paid for in full on Barry’s card. Sure, the resort was good enough for Pierce Brosnan when he tied the knot. She has fallen for an ivory lace couture gown that is to die for. The down payment may require her to sell a left kidney, but it will be worth it. Isn’t that why you have two?

There’s one teeny problem. It’s nothing, really. No need to panic! It’s just that Barry has yet to propose. Says he’s not ready! He can be a bit of a kill joy that way. It’s time to face the harsh reality – she is a bride without a groom.

Truth be told, Barry’s had enough. There’s only so much wedding talk that one man can take. Discovering the credit card statement is the final straw. Now he’s leaving for a conference in Bangkok and frankly, he’s looking forward to the peace and quiet. He says he needs time to think about their relationship. As the Tiger beer flows and the tie loosens, his colleague Shelley is providing more than a shoulder for him to cry on. Maybe Shelley is right. Maybe Rebecca only wants the big day.

Back in Dublin, Rebecca worries. Maybe she has pushed Barry too far this time. Best mates Pam and Emer are on hand for counseling and cocktails. With the help of family, friends and a well stocked drinks cabinet, Rebecca puts her cunning plan together. Operation ‘Win Back Barry’ is in full swing. She needs to convince Barry that she’s not crazy – just crazy about him. But wait… who is the mysterious woman that is so keen to talk to her, and what is it that Barry needs to get off his chest?

Bride without a groomBride without a groom by Amy Lynch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sit back, relax, and prepare to be thoroughly entertained!

Bride Without A Groom immediately reminded me of my favorite Chick Lit series, Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. Both have a quirky main character that is just too outrageous to believe. Their antics keep you laughing nonstop and leave you with a happy heart when you’re done. Well done, Ms. Lynch!

Rebecca Browne lives in her own happy little bubble, where (in her mind) every woman wants to be her and every man wants to be with her. She needs to be the center of attention 24/7 and doesn’t like sharing the spotlight. Fashion is her passion and staying up to date on all the latest issues of her favorite gossip magazines is as close to current events as she gets.

Rebecca is literally, as the title implies, a bride without a groom. She’s so obsessed with getting married that she has every single detail down to the dress and venue worked out before her boyfriend Barry has even proposed. She’s convinced the proposal is coming though, except it isn’t. Barry isn’t ready to pop the question just yet, which puts a tiny hitch into Rebecca’s plans.

This story takes place roughly over the course of a week while Barry is away on a business trip. It happens to be the most devastating week of Rebecca’s life. You’ll see why ;) I don’t want to summarize the story line too much since that’s what the synopsis is for. A majority of the story is told by Rebecca herself, but we do get some chapters from Barry’s POV which helps give us some insight into how he’s feeling about everything. It’s pretty fast paced and moves from one over-the-top-panic-inducing-scene to the next and is just absolutely hilarious!

Ms. Lynch does a fabulous job of getting inside Rebecca’s head and keeping her in character from beginning to end. She presents us with a loveable character in a very unlikely package. Yes Rebecca is loveable! She’s too funny not to be. Ms. Lynch kept me full invested in this page turning story!

I highly recommend this one and will be anxiously awaiting the next installment in the series!

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