Monday, May 25, 2015

Review - COMPLICATED CREATURES by Alexi Lawless

What happens when curiosity becomes obsession? And when that obsession leads to an unstoppable journey you could never have imagined?

Luck is Jack Roman's middle name— and Chicago is his Empire. He lives to work, loves to play, and makes no commitments. But when the mysterious S. Wyatt moves into the adjoining penthouse, he's immediately drawn to her, a striking, elusive woman who transitions seamlessly from wood-paneled board rooms to high-stakes, high-risk rescue operations in the most dangerous parts of the world.

Intrigued by her self-possession, aroused by her incredible passion, and disarmed by a vulnerability she cannot hide, Jack pursues her into the nexus of her dangerous present and her enigmatic past. An entire world is revealed to Jack, where living for pleasure becomes fighting for survival. And the only woman he wants may be the one he cannot have...

COMPLICATED CREATURES is a mesmerizing, labyrinthine romantic suspense that will leave you wondering: Do you really want to know everything about the one you love?

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Complicated Creatures (Part One)Complicated Creatures by Alexi Lawless
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was beginning to think that maybe I was losing my love of reading due to a lengthy slump where I just couldn’t find anything that gripped me. But then I was contacted by the author about reading & reviewing her series and after checking it out I jumped at the chance. It took me about 3 days to finish Complicated Creatures, which is much quicker than the usual week or two I’ve been spending on other books, definitely not my best reading time but a HUGE improvement considering how big of a reading slump I’ve been in lately. So I have to thank Ms. Lawless for her help in reaffirming the fact that YES I am still very much a bookworm!

You get the best of everything in Complicated Creatures. The story line is absolutely intriguing, much like your favorite crime thriller or suspense novel, yet still delivers all the feels you want in a romance novel with just the right amount of steaminess to keep you satisfied and coming back for more. Right off the bat I fell in love with this stellar cast of characters. They all have different personalities but they work so well together and really do complement each other.

Samantha is well off financially, as are most of the characters, but they don’t flaunt it. It’s not all about name brands and living a luxurious lifestyle. They come off as real, everyday people who just happen to have extremely successful careers. It was such a breath of fresh air! Domineering millionaires seem to be a trend, but Ms. Lawless brings something entirely different to the table. So kudos for that!

I thoroughly enjoyed the author’s writing style and the pace of the story. She creates wonderfully vivid images with her words, making it pretty hard not to become obsessed. But with that being said, I do have some minor issues to bring up…

I found it a little awkward having so much Italian dialect and no translations to follow. Granted the translations can be found at the back of the book but who is really going to interrupt their reading to flip to the back of the book then flip back to find their spot? It’s not an easy feat to be done on a Kindle, and I personally wasn’t doing it. So that kind of got on my nerves. To each his own though, maybe nobody else had a problem with it. Personally, I want to read with no interruptions. I want a smooth transition from sentence to sentence, page to page. I don’t want to get hung up something like that.

Also, there’s just one little thing about Sam that had me baffled. I loved her for the badass, no nonsense, independent, business woman that she is. However, when it came to the emotional stuff she seemed like a completely different person, it didn’t flow. You never really knew how Sam would react in romantic situations b/c her lovey-dovey side didn’t match up with her everyday persona. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I just felt like there was a disconnect with her character. I’m not saying a strong woman such as Sam can’t show emotion, I’m saying it has to be done in a believable way for her character. Otherwise, it just seems odd and out of place.

The story pulled together nicely at the end leaving you with a bit of a cliffhanger. Not an unbearable one, but it will definitely keep you invested in the series. I can’t wait to see what direction this story goes, and would definitely recommend it!

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