Monday, April 18, 2016

Release Blitz - STEADY AS THE SNOW FALLS by Lindy Zart



Hired by a stranger to write his life story, Beth Lambert arrives at a seemingly abandoned house in the hills near her hometown. She knows the rumors, she knows it is dangerous and unwise. But she needs the money. And she needs to prove that it isn’t a mistake to think she can make a career out of a dream.

Inside the house of emptiness and coldness, she finds a man with curt words and haunted eyes. He is eccentric, odd. Brutish, even. He scares her, and he intrigues her. When she learns who he is, she wants to run. But there is the money, and there is the dream, and eventually, there is simply Harrison Caldwell. The haunted man with the black, ugly truth.


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Lindy Zart is the USA Today bestselling author of Roomies. She has been writing since she was a child. Luckily for readers, her writing has improved since then. She lives in Wisconsin with her family. Lindy loves hearing from people who enjoy her work. She also has a completely healthy obsession with the following: coffee, wine, bloody marys, peanut butter, and pizza.


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Steady as the Snow FallsSteady as the Snow Falls by Lindy Zart
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Beth Lambert is commissioned by Harrison Caldwell, a man she originally believes to be an eccentric, old hermit, to write his life story. She soon realizes that while he’s definitely not old, he does have some eccentric tendencies, it’s not without reason though. He's turned himself into a recluse of his own accord, but at the same time because society has forced him to. Beth knows she has what it takes to get his story written, and show the world another side of Harrison Caldwell, while accomplishing her life long dream of becoming a published writer.

Harrison has a very strong, impenetrable wall set in place, and having Beth in his home goes against everything he’s been trying to accomplish… keeping the world at bay, and his private life private. He has let his illness take over his life and define who he is, yet for some reason he wants his story told. Slowly but surely, the ice starts to melt as he allows Beth to dive further and further into his world. What unfolds in their working relationship is nothing short of heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time.

In reading the synopsis I assumed that Harrison would be telling Beth what he wanted written, that she would just put his narrative into words and basically clean it up enough to turn it into a book. But that’s not actually the case. Beth is writing a story in her own words about Harrison’s life. I found that to be a little strange, but then again the synopsis doesn’t specify how it was going to happen just that it would happen.

I have to admit that I struggled getting into this book. The first half was just not hooking me in. It’s because of that, that I wavered between a 3 and 4 star rating. Ultimately I decided on 3 stars for a couple of factors. Steady as the Snow Falls is without a doubt beautifully written, and offers so many valuable life lessons, but I think the third person narrative prevented me from really connecting with the characters and becoming a part of the story, as opposed to an observer, an outsider looking in. I didn't feel the chemistry between Beth and Harrison. It was just all of a sudden there without much build up. Others may disagree but I just didn’t see it.

The second half of the book flowed a lot better and I was definitely much more into it. But then it ended and I totally wasn’t ready! All the emotions I had been wanting to feel from page one had finally surfaced. I was hopeful that regardless of the outcome of the story it was going to be emotionally gripping, and just knock my socks off in the most amazing way. While it definitely packed a punch, it almost fell flat at the same time. I would have loved more, and I’m not at all opposed to a sequel or follow up novella.

All in all, I would recommend reading Lindy Zart’s new release. There’s much more going on here that what appears on the surface. She delivers a tremendous dose of inspiration, mixed with romance, suspense, and a tiny touch of angst. Definitely worth your time and heartache.

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