Thursday, February 9, 2017

Review - FOREVER GRACE by Holly Hall

In the aftermath of a tragedy, twenty-six-year-old Blake Kendall has found it easier to all but swear off relationships. However, her resolve is not as strong as she thinks when she meets the enigmatic, captivating owner of a charitable bookstore called Forever Grace. Landon Farrar is callous and blunt, and shows just as much reluctance to share anything about his history as Blake does. As much as he pushes her away, Blake is drawn to him for both obvious and unexplainable reasons, and despite Landon's hesitance to grow close to anyone, a physical connection soon develops between them. As fate would have it, their connection runs more than just skin-deep.

As Landon reveals more and more about his past and Blake realizes just how alike they are, she's torn between the decision of whether to come clean or to stay quiet and salvage the semi-relationship they've found. Turns out, you can't control fate, the past doesn't always stay in the past, and the things that connect two people can often tear them apart.

*contains sensitive subject matter. 17+

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Forever GraceForever Grace by Holly Hall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very rarely do I ever read the blurb of a book, one click it, and then immediately start reading. 99% of the time it just gets added to my never ending TBR pile (it's way beyond a list at this point), and I'll read it when and if I remember. This time was different though. After checking out the blurb I knew I needed to read it asap.

My interest was piqued from the very beginning as the prologue opened up with the accident that changed Blake's life. The exact details come later on in the story but it's safe to say she harbors a lot of guilt and regret that has tremendously impacted the way she lives her life. When she wanders into Forever Grace, a not for profit bookstore, she's instantly drawn to its standoffish (mostly rude) owner, Landon. He's all too eager to push her away and avoid any kind of connection, but it's too late for that, Blake is already beyond intrigued by his less than pleasant demeanor and determined to get to know Landon whether he likes it or not.

What ensues is an endearing battle of emotions between two equally damaged souls. They push and pull each other, as their game of give and take brings them closer together. Slowly but surely Blake and Landon navigate through their feelings and rediscover what it is to live and be happy outside of their guilt. But there's always a catch isn't there? Especially when one isn't being entirely truthful...

The pacing of this story was perfect, with each scene playing out exactly as it needed to, neither rushed nor dragged out. Holly Hall did an amazing job of engaging my interest and keeping me fully invested in Blake and Landon's journey. I found the writing to be flawless, the editing on point, and delivery of it all well worth the 5 stars it so rightfully earned. As I've already told Holly, I was especially impressed with the ending. At the risk of spoiling it for other readers I'll just say that it goes in a direction I wish most books in this genre would. I can't wait to read more from this new-to-me author!