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Thank you so much for taking an interest in my page and wanting to get to know me a little more! Maria's Book Blog is run by me, Maria! I am a one woman show, aside from the occasional author takeover.

I have a few simple requests so please continue reading...

ღ I hope that before messaging my page with review requests, share requests or sign up opportunities you'll have taken a moment to really look at my page and make an effort to know who you're talking to. So with that being said, starting off your message with "Hi Maria" will get you a lot farther than a generic "Hey awesome blogger" or "Hey girls".

ღ I am NOT accepting review requests. It gets to be too overwhelming and makes reading feel more like a chore as opposed to the hobby that has become my passion. This is stated on my website as well, so if you message me about a review request I'll know you didn't take the time to really look at my FB page or website.

ღ So about reviews. I review everything I read. Good or bad, I review it. My ratings range from the dreaded 1 star to a 5 star, or even the occasional 6 star if my socks have been thoroughly knocked off. It's nothing personal, trust me. I'm honest with my opinion and will always offer constructive criticism. I don't believe in author bashing in any way, shape, or form.

ღ Maria's Book Blog is a positive drama free zone. I don't partake in gossip, bashing, or anything negative. This page is a feel good area with nothing but love for books and the wonderful authors who write them. Thankfully I've never had to ban anybody from my page because I have some pretty awesome followers, but I will exercise that right if need be. Be polite and respectful towards one another and we'll all get along just fine!

THANK YOU for reading this far, I truly appreciate it. Keep reading if you'd like to know where else you can find me on Social Media.

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There are so many different ways to connect with Maria's Book Blog!!!

➜ Website: www.marialovesbooks.com
➜ Facebook: www.facebook.com/mariasbookblog
➜ Twitter: www.twitter.com/mariasbookblog
➜ Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/mbarquero
➜ Instagram: www.instagram.com/marias_book_blog
➜ tsu: www.tsu.com/mariasbookblog
➜ Bloglovin: www.bloglovin.com/mariasbookblog
➜ Join my mailing list: bit.ly/mbbnewsletter
email: mariasbookblog@gmail.com

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