Paperback Book Printing

Benefits of Paperback Books

Paperback books are a nice low cost alternative to hardback book printing. Paperback books offer a great way to get your book to market with little expense. There are various book printers who can print your book at a good cost. Paperback books can still have a number of unique features; embossing, debossing, foiling, double side cover printing.

Mass market paperbacks are the standard paperback book that you see in many book stores and on the shelves of many shops. Mass market book printing is usually completed with offset printing machines using state of the art digital equipment. MAss market books are expense to setup but offer very cheap printing runs. Especially if you’re ording more than 1,000 copies.

Paperback books are lightweight and are relatively cheap to distribute. They are a nice way for a book to be printed and sent all around the world. Printign a book as a paperback is a simpler way to publish than a hardback books. Many distributors will be able to offer paperback books as a print-on-demand service. Print on demand is where a book will be purchased and printed straight after and then sent to the reader.

Top Books

Here is a compilation of some of the best books printed with the best companies in Exeter.


Paperback Book Printing

What you need to know about book printing;

  1. Papertype – The interal paper for your book will have an impact on how the book feels. If you want to go for a novel type of book then you will want an off white paper which bulks the book up. The off white colour can also be a cream colour of paper. Most novels have either an off white or a cream colour.
  2. Cover lamination – The cover lamination of your book will stand out massively. Normal book printers will be able to offer you a matt lamination, a soft touch matt lamination or a gloss lamination. Specialist printers will be able to offer a few different extras such as spot uv, embossing or debossing and foiling. If you want any more information on cover extras see – Fine Film.
  3. Cover design – You do not want to go cheap on your cover design. It is the first thing any of your readers will see when they pick the book up. Having a cheap cover design could make your readers think the inside of the book is cheap. We have all heard ‘dont judge a book by it’s cover’ but everyone does and so you need to think long and hard about cover design. A good place for covers is Fiverr.
  4. Internal layout –  This is how your book is laid out. You don’t want to skimp on this area either. This internal design of the book is for the text and images that are in the book. You want a nice design to make it easy for your readers to read. If you have anything too complicated in the book it will deter your readers from the message that you are trying to get across.
  5. Printer location – You want to have a printer to your local area, for example we have got books printed by Imprint Digital in Exeter as we are based in Exeter. If you were not in Exeter then you may want to go for a digital printer nearer to oyu. Although Impritn Digital have some of the best shipping options ever and ship worldwide.